The Engine

After looking around for an engine builder, I couldn’t find anyone locally in Sydney who impressed me with their knowledge of the little Kent engine. So, after speaking with Jamie Larner I decided to pack up my engine for a trip to Melbourne. The plan with the engine is to build a solid street motor that performs better than original but looks standard to the naked eye. The block is being stripped cleaned and bored 60 thou with higher compression pistons fitted. A set of Lotus rods are being installed along with a fast road cam and a high pressure oil pump. The head will be standard GT with heavier valve springs. The standard GT carb will be replaced with a new 32/36 webber and the plan is to modify the standard GT air cleaner to fit. A new electronic distributer will be fitted and the generator ditched for an alternator. I am thinking of installing one of the alternators in a dynamo body to maintain an original look. Apparently the engine was knackered and pretty much fell apart.

My gearbox and diff have been handed over to Shaun at Classic Automobilia for a once over. Unlike the engine these are in excellent condition and Shaun is just changing bearings and seals. Engine and gearbox will be painted in original ford colours.


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