The Finish Line

Well I finally got the last couple of jobs done. I got the grille fit up, which wasn’t quite as easy as it should have been. With a new front valance there were no holes for the mounting pins so I had to figure these all out from photos and trial fitting. With everything bolted up I finally got the car outside where I cleaned the dust off it and gave it a few test drives across the driveway. The great news was that it drove straight and stopped. Stance is perfect at the back and hit my number on the button. The front is approx. 20mm too high but I’ll get to that later. With that sorted the car was booked in for an inspection. First drive to get the inspection was nerve wracking as it was the first time the car had seen the road in nearly 20 years. It drive really nicely and sailed through the inspection. Yay. So after nearly 5 years I was able to take the family on a few test drives around the block. Next steps will be to run in the engine, get a proper wheel alignment and just generally sort through the lots of little things that I either want to change or tidy up. Oh and a full detail and then show it off a bit.

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