Teething problems

Decided to head out for a cruise on Sunday afternoon with the wife, got about a kilometre up the road, was pulling up at a set of lights and the clutch went to floor and the car shuddered to a stop stuck in second gear. I managed to wrangle it into first gear and fired it up on the starter in gear when the lights went green. Luckily I was able to pull it into a car park where a quick look under the bonnet along with the pool of hydraulic fluid confirmed that I had blown out the hydraulic clutch line. It was always sitting a bit close to the headers for my liking and even though I had wrapped it in heat shield it had somehow shifted to be touching the headers and had melted a small hole. Quick call to my towie and we were back home hosing out the engine bay. The offending hose was removed and the next day my father picked it up and we have had a nice braided hose made up about 10cm shorter than the original style hose. I’ve test fit it and it looks good so will fit it up next weekend. After parking the car up, the next day I noticed a petrol smell in the garage. I looked under the car and there was petrol on the ground. With the car jacked up I could see that my brad new tank is leaking from the fitting that the sender goes in. Of course I have a full tank of fuel. So I pulled off the fuel line and drained about 20l out which is enough to stop it leaking so next weekend the tank will also be coming out so that I can have someone properly solder up the outlet. Kind of glad I found that one early as leaking fuel is never a good thing.

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