I had Suspension Concepts at Wyong reset a set of rear leaf springs. They inverted the top leaf and added an extra leaf. It should sit a few inches lower now. They gave them a coat of paint but They still look pretty shabby so I think I’ll get them blasted and will paint them properly. They also hooked me up with a set of lowered King Springs for the front. I wanted to go a touch lower but they advised against going any lower on the standard setup. If I’m not happy with this setup I’ll put the standard GT struts in the cupboard and have them make me up a set of coilovers. I also ended up getting a set of adjustable strut tops. My original plan was to install rebuilt originals (which I have), but Greg from Suspension Concepts was very persuasive about the benefits of dialling in some camber and caster. Again if I’m not happy it’s an easy swap to put the standard strut tops in.

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2 Responses to Suspension

  1. Tim Farrell says:

    Had to laugh on your post about Suspension concepts, as I call them the other week and got the same sales pitch on the Spax inserts and adjustable strut mounts. getting them fitted in the next week or two.

    Keep up the good work on the Cortina,


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