Diff & Brakes

Have been cracking on with lots of little jobs in preparation for getting the car back soon. Completed building up the diff. Fitted up a new bias strap for the rear handbrake mechanism. The old one was pretty much stuffed so I drilled out the rivets and disassembled the brackets on each end. Sanded them and painted them with etch and then gloss black engine paint. Finally I bolted up a new replacement rubber piece that I bought from the UK Owners Club. Looks really good fitted. You can buy replacements that look close to the original but they are $70 and while this one is accurate but not quite concourse, I’m pretty happy as it only cost about $5. Installed a new rubber bush for the handbrake lever, greased it up and installed my bias bar, that has been powder coated, with new nuts and washers. I had new brake lines made up a while ago as a copy of my old brake lines. The back one across the diff has some bends in it which I’m not really sure why they are there. I copied how they were bent when I took them out but I think I’ll get a new one made after I’ve put it in the car as I think I can get it a bit neater. I’m also missing the clevis pin that holds the brake bar in so will order a new one shortly. A couple of areas need a touch up with some black paint but really it’s all as good as new now.

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