Windows and Interior

Getting close to the business end now. I organised Mark from Top Mark to install the front and rear screens. The rear screen is the original glass which was in good condition. I cleaned and polished it and came up really good. The front glass is a new laminated screen purchased from Glass4Classics. The stainless moulding was polished by Jarrod at Concourse Moulding. The rubbers were purchased from the UK Cortina Club. The front moulding was very hard but seemed to fit the screen well. Unfortunately the mouldings would not hold in the rubber on the corners. Mark is a patient man and spent a lot fo time trying to get them to fit. In the end we decided that the mouldings needed tweaking to get the angles better aligned. I also decided to look for a softer rubber. We set the new screen against the car and it is only an average fit so the soft rubbers will help get it in. Unfortunately there are not any other options for new front glass so we will need to make it work.

Next was onto the rear screen. The rubber was not a great fit here. Baggy around the top and tight across the bottom. Mark spent a lot of time but eventually got the stainless trim in and the window slotted in nicely. The rubber is pretty average on the corners but it will do. In hindsight I regret purchasing the rubbers from the UK Cortina Club. I assumed that they would be high quality coming from the Home of the Mk1 Cortina but our local product appears superior in most options.

With the back window in I have been getting to work on the interior. It’s slow and fiddly. The rear parcel shelf has been installed and a new divider piece. I had to mask up and spray a number of small areas in satin black as well. I put my centre console back together as well. All the aluminium pieces have been polished, the console powder coated and I covered it in sound deadener before it was reupholstered by Brent Parker. It looks a million bucks. I put the brackets back in the car and test fit it all and everything looks first rate.

All new door rubbers were fit. This is the second go I had at the door rubbers as the first one I tried from the UK Cortina Club was a terrible fit. I purchased a set from Doug at the Rubbershop next which fit perfectly. These have nice mitred corners. I fit them using 3M Weatherstrip adhesive which seemed to work well.

Inside I’ve fit the glove box and radio blanking plate.

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