One step forward two steps back

Thanks to the ineptitude of our state and federal governments I’m still stuck at home without any meaningful work. That’s good news for the Cortina as it continues to go together. The front windscreen has now been fitted with a new rubber from Rare Spares. This time around Mark got the moulds and window in. It’s a laminated windscreen from Glass for Classics. Fit I would say is average, the corners are nowhere near as nice as the original but hey it’s legal and it’s the best available at the moment.

My boot and bonnet are also back and have been fit up. The boot went on OK but the lock was not working properly with the cam not activating the latch. Weird because these were both parts that came off the car. More fettling to come. I got the interior in and finished. Unfortunately after getting everything together I struck a hurdle when the car started blowing fuses. I spent the morning chasing the issue and it was the wiper. It worked on the bench and worked in the car but putting the wipers on is giving it grief. This meant that the full interior that had been carefully installed had to come out so that the wiper could come out. Everything tested OK so I pulled it down for inspection. What I found was that everything was just really worn which is making it work way harder than it should and drawing more power. It’s nice to know the fuse box is doing its job. I have been able to source a reconditioned motor so hopefully that works.

I finished reconditioning my boot GT badge too, which has now been repainted in Humbrol 20. I’m really happy with the result. Fiddly but rewarding and much better than the repro badges that are available.

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