All my shiny bits arrived back from A Class Metal Finishers in South Australia today. They are one of the only places that you can still get die cast pieces re chromed and everything looks beautiful. I have also include some before photos.

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I had my trim repaired and polished by Jarrod at Concourse Moulding a few months ago. There are a few images posted on his Facebook page if anyone is interested in checking out his work:

Concourse Moulding

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Window washer & more body prep

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Been working on some smaller jobs the past few weeks. This weekend it was fashioning an original washer pump to take a switch so that I could run an electric pump. The idea being that it looks like the original … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

Finally getting back into the car after being a bit under the weather for a few weeks. This weekend I finished paint stripping the driver’s side. All I have left now is the front and rear panels and a tidy up underneath to remove the stone chip in the wheel wells and then the shell will be ready for dust blasting and panel work. I also painted my gearbox in the original Ford Racing Green colour and stripped my back seats. The plan was to leave these to the upholsterer but I’m buying the seat covers from Aldridges in the UK and they have lost the pattern for the Australian GT rear seat so I’m sending them mine so that they can make a new pattern. This should help out a few Aussie restorers in the future.

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Steering Wheel & Ball Joints

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Finally got back to the car after a few health issues put me back a few weeks. Over the last couple of months I have been restoring my original steering wheel and today I finished painting it. Unfortunately there was … Continue reading

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Gearbox & Diff Rebuild

I had my gearbox and diff rebuilt by Shaun at Classic Automobilia and Shaun was thoughtful enough to take photos of his work. For the gearbox Shaun dismantled and cleaned everything, then picked up a new layshaft and bearings while he was on a personal trip to UK. Everything was then reassembled and primed up ready for me to paint in original Ford Racing Green. For the diff Shaun disassembled it before I handed the case and housing to Vinny to sandblast, with a couple of the smaller parts powdercoated. New bearing, crush tube and pinion seal were fitted and the axles reinstalled with new bearings courtesy of the Mk1 Owners Club. Finally everything was given a fresh coat of 2 Pac.

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With the help of my father and brother-in-law Peter, I made up a couple of trolley rigs so that the car can be moved around when it’s off the rotisserie. The front bolts up the chassis rails and the rear will bolt straight onto the leaf springs.

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