Heater box

Well it doesn’t actually have a heater so I’m not sure what it’s called. I’ve been told that GT’s are supposed to have heaters but mine doesn’t. Not surprising given the questionable quality control from the factory back then. Hard to believe that heaters were an optional extra back in the 60’s! Anyway, mine is in pretty good nick and the rubbers and mechanisms all good. There is a little bit of surface rust on the inside but I resisted the urge to strip it back completely to sandblast everything as this would have meant disassembling all the moving parts with no guarantee that it would go back together as well. And it’s all hidden behind the dash. So with that in mind I pulled all the main parts off it, gave a light sand to everything I could reach and a coat of paint.


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Door cards and seat covers

My new door cards and seat covers arrived this week from Aldridge Trimming in the UK. I unpacked the front door cards just to check them out and am very impressed with the quality. I had to send my rear seat covers to them as they had lost the pattern and I’ll get these out on the weekend to check them out before they go off to the trimmer to be fitted up to my freshly powder coated seat frames.

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Engine and Steering Wheel

My engine arrived on Friday. This is second time attempting delivery. The first was with TNT. Worst company ever to deal with and my advice to anyone contemplating sending something with special instructions via TNT is simple – DON’T! The second delivery with Star Track went much smoother. Getting it up and in my driveway was a bit of an effort but the driver and I JUST managed to push it up the last bit. Bodywork and paint is still a few months away so for the time being the engine will be tucked away and turned over lovingly by hand each week. I also finally finished my steering wheel this week. I wasn’t happy with the original finish so sanded off the clearcoat and sprayed three more coats. Finally I wet sanded it back with 1200 and polished it. It now looks really good with a plastic like finish that I reckon is very close to original.

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Painting Jack & Brake Drums

Quiet couple of past weekends. I sandblasted my original jack and a couple of ratchets that I purchased from the UK as my original ratchet wasn’t working. They are a bit shorter than the Australian ratchet, but other than that are identical. I painted them grey but aren’t happy with the colour so will try and find a colour that more closely matches the original which was kind of a bluey grey. I also gave my rear drums a coat of silver high temp paint. The drums have been machined and were buffed by Parramatta Brake & Clutch. There is some original paint still on them which indicates that they were black, but because I’m planning on running Superlites I thought that silver might disappear better. If I don’t like them it’s a pretty easy change to hit them with a coat of black in the future. I also decided that I wasn’t happy with the paint on my steering wheel so I rubbed it back in 1200 wet and dry and have hit it with another few coats. It looks much better this time so I’ll let it harden, give it a light rub back with 1200 and clear it.

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All my shiny bits arrived back from A Class Metal Finishers in South Australia today. They are one of the only places that you can still get die cast pieces re chromed and everything looks beautiful. I have also include some before photos.

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I had my trim repaired and polished by Jarrod at Concourse Moulding a few months ago. There are a few images posted on his Facebook page if anyone is interested in checking out his work:

Concourse Moulding

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Window washer & more body prep

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Been working on some smaller jobs the past few weeks. This weekend it was fashioning an original washer pump to take a switch so that I could run an electric pump. The idea being that it looks like the original … Continue reading

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