Painting Jack & Brake Drums

Quiet couple of past weekends. I sandblasted my original jack and a couple of ratchets that I purchased from the UK as my original ratchet wasn’t working. They are a bit shorter than the Australian ratchet, but other than that are identical. I painted them grey but aren’t happy with the colour so will try and find a colour that more closely matches the original which was kind of a bluey grey. I also gave my rear drums a coat of silver high temp paint. The drums have been machined and were buffed by Parramatta Brake & Clutch. There is some original paint still on them which indicates that they were black, but because I’m planning on running Superlites I thought that silver might disappear better. If I don’t like them it’s a pretty easy change to hit them with a coat of black in the future. I also decided that I wasn’t happy with the paint on my steering wheel so I rubbed it back in 1200 wet and dry and have hit it with another few coats. It looks much better this time so I’ll let it harden, give it a light rub back with 1200 and clear it.

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