Engine and Steering Wheel

My engine arrived on Friday. This is second time attempting delivery. The first was with TNT. Worst company ever to deal with and my advice to anyone contemplating sending something with special instructions via TNT is simple – DON’T! The second delivery with Star Track went much smoother. Getting it up and in my driveway was a bit of an effort but the driver and I JUST managed to push it up the last bit. Bodywork and paint is still a few months away so for the time being the engine will be tucked away and turned over lovingly by hand each week. I also finally finished my steering wheel this week. I wasn’t happy with the original finish so sanded off the clearcoat and sprayed three more coats. Finally I wet sanded it back with 1200 and polished it. It now looks really good with a plastic like finish that I reckon is very close to original.

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