Nearly ready for paint

Warwick has been busy getting the car ready for paint. These photos were taken over a couple of visits. The car has been primed and block sanded. Underneath has been primed and painted in stone chip around the arches and under the boot and the underside has been painted in satin black. Warwick has also been busy chasing up paint. The interior colour we were able to match from an old paint book and PPG have deduced that it’s originally an American colour. The outside has been trickier still. We know the code but it’s very rare and I only know of a couple of original Cortina’s in this colour. It’s silver metallic grey. Again, it appears that this is originally a colour sourced out of the US by Ford. Because I’m planning to paint the colour in a more durable modern paint system we ended up with two formulas. The first was for the older 2K Cobra paint system. This formula was last updated in 1991. The second formula was for the more modern Deltron paint system. It’s also more recently updated. Warwick sprayed out both and the Deltron was much better, particularly in darker conditions. However neither were all that good and we’re looking at sampling another formula before we commit.

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