Re-wiring – Part 1

Haven’t updated in a while but have been putting a lot of time into re-wiring the car. Sometime in its life the rear wiring loom had been replaced with 5 core trailer wire. Did the job but I decided to build a new rear loom with the factory trace colours (unfortunately forgot to take photos). I also decided to wire in a fuse box and replace any crispy/damaged wires. The car will also be changed to negative earth to run the electronic ignition and install an alternator. Headlights to be run on relays. A 12v power socket will be installed under the dash and I need to wire in the electric washer pump that replace the original hand operated pump. Sitting against the backdrop of all of this is the desire to keep it looking pretty much original. Lots of work but very satisfying and hopefully will be finished soon so that I can move onto installing all of the suspension.

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2 Responses to Re-wiring – Part 1

  1. David REES says:

    A lot of work, I have just upgraded my GT with a fuse panel on the critical loads.
    However U have a white wire with a thin blue trace to the ignition and I cannot find it on any diagram and since I have reinstalled the harness I cannot follow the wire so I am trying to find out out where it went.
    Can you help. Wondering if it was the options passenger light or reversing light and warning


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